With our wide range of training offers, Medley Academy is in a class by itself. We put the focus on you, helping you to grow through your own personal style. Our artistic team will share with you novel tools, cutting-edge techniques, and the structure you need to succeed in your career. We don’t just look at the “how” of things, but also encourage you to look at the “why”. We offer personalised internships in a friendly atmosphere to strengthen your know-how and meet all your needs. Delve into the heart of the Medley philosophy to boost your creative potential.



The “Medley Foundation” training course is at the very heart of our educational approach. This course will help you lay solid foundations, upon which you will build your knowledge and skills. You will be immersed in the Medley philosophy, with demonstrations, reading material and workshops, to help you understand not just “how” but “why” we do what we do. This course is designed to help you broaden your repertoire of cuts and hone your talent. Two days, 700 EUR (excluding tax).


Inspired by our Foundation training course, this course will show you how to tailor Medley’s innovative techniques to your own clientele. Demonstrations and workshops will leave you with new tools of the trade. The whole point of this course is to help you choose and achieve a given look, which you can then reinterpret in your own salon. You will leave refreshed and inspired, with a portfolio of the latest looks that will boost your salon creativity as well as your sales. One day, 400 EUR (excluding tax).


Looking to nourish your creativity, be on top of the latest fashions, and get inspiration from the latest Medley collections? Then our Collections training course was made just for you! It will help bring out the best in you, season after season. Our artistic team will share their know-how with you to develop a fresh take on our latest collections.  The best models and a list of must-reads will guide you throughout this course, along with workshops and demos. This is the course for you if you want to push your limits and give your artistic vision a boost.  One day, 350 EUR (excluding tax).


Tap into the tremendous potential of a male clientele! Today, men are paying more attention to themselves, to fashion and to their appearance. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by! This course will help broaden your offering by teaching you key techniques for answering men’s needs: cowlicks, hair implants, layering by scissor and comb, clippers and razor. One day, 350 EUR (excluding tax).


If you have your own goal in mind, this course puts a personalised programme together just for you, to tailor to your needs.  A member of our team will welcome you into a space set aside for you alone, so that you can concentrate on building your skills. All of your cuts will be done on models so that we can home in on what you really need to succeed. Rates vary depending on your needs and length of course.


Beauty is at the heart of our profession, so why not tap into the potential of make-up? Work with an internationally acclaimed make-up artist from Medley to learn the trade that will have your clientele looking better than ever. You will learn to harmonize colours, bring out the best in people, and apply day make-up. Your clients will thank you for it. One day, 350 EUR (excluding tax).


Medley shows are a unique visual experience, designed to inspire and share the latest innovations. Discover the history and influences and meet the actors behind our latest collection. Passionate members of our team will share their artistry and know-how through demonstrations and presentations that are sure to surprise and delight. Maximum 1.5 hours, minimum 250 people, 6,000 EUR (excluding tax).


Delve into the heart of the Medley educational approach with our seminars. Our artistic team comes to you in a more personal setting to lead interactive demonstrations. The content of seminars varies according to the needs of participants. We will develop a rich and diverse programme to meet your needs. Rates vary according to needs, maximum 200 participants, 3,500 EUR (excluding tax).





YS Park tapered comb

Peigne YS/Park fondue

Flexible comb for a scissor/comb cut (187 cm)

Extra flat for nape tapering YS Park ultra flexible  S.O.C.

  • Follows natural curve of scalp
  • Flexibility of traditional tortoise-shell combs
  • Straight teeth for a close cut

YS Park Large comb

Peigne Y.S/Park GRAND
Classic fine-tooth ergonomic comb (215 cm). YS combs for a swift and fluid sweep

  • Separation tooth for an easy part.
  • Surgical-quality plastic. Heat resistant.
  • Anti-static.
  • Ergonomic form for a better grip.
  • Good strength-flexibility balance.

YS Park Short comb

Peigne Y.S/Park PETIT

Separation tooth for an easy part.

Plastic used for surgical tools. Heat resistant.

  • Anti-static.
  • Ergonomic form for a better grip.
  • Good strength-flexibility balance.
  • Forme ergonomique pour une meilleure prise sur le peigne.
  • Bon compromis entre la solidité et la souplesse.


Diffuseur Y.S/Park

Light, compact and easy to transport, YS Park diffusers adapt to any type of hair blower.

  • Ideal for colour, perms, brilliance and style enhancement.
  • Metallic mesh, titanium/silver alloy with unique heat-retaining and anti-static properties.


Brosse Y.S/PARK

Ultra-light round or flat brush.

  • Anti-bacterial coating: polymer coating kills 99% of germs, used as a permanent sterilising agent in hospitals for medical tools.
  • Anti-static properties + anti-static collectors on edges.
  • Aerated for quick drying without damaging hair (116 holes in front and 16 conduits in back for the T09).
  • Ideal for hair straightening.

Length: 222 mm

Medley shears and leather sheath

Ciseau Medley & étui en cuir

Medley shears are real Japanese cobalt scissors for haircut purists.

Perfectly balanced shears for an excellent grasp and unparalleled comfort.

The flat screw never hinders the blades. Fixed finger rest.

The blades are honed to perfection, for a precise and smooth cut.

All shears are marked with the Medley logo and come with a leather sheath.

Sizes: 5.0 / 5.5 / 6.0 / 6.5 / 7.0

Price: 400 EUR (excluding tax)


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YS Park tapered comb

YS Park Large comb

YS Park Short comb

YS Park Diffuser

YS Park Brush

Medley shears and leather sheath